Reiki Healing Horses

Reiki Healing for horses

Horses know intuitively what they need and when they need it, when Reiki healing is offered to horses they very often quite quickly start to doze off and get very sleepy and relaxed. Reiki energy is beneficial for the horses health and wellbeing bringing their energy into balance and feeling more grounded. This helps the horse to feel well and able to perform in whichever discipline they participate. Regular sessions can be beneficial to horses keeping them happy and content.

Reiki healing combines very well with horse communication, finding out how your horse feels can be enlightening and insightful, allowing you to make any changes to accommodate what has been expressed.

Ellen Atwell recommends ….. Liz is a very sympathetic, helpful and worked on all 3 of our horses. They always seem more relaxed after a visit and Liz’s insights are enormously helpful.

For horses who have unfortunately perhaps suffered any trauma, recent or in the past Reiki healing and horse communication can help horses release any feelings they have with whatever they have suffered and sometimes will communicate it also. The feeling  of Reiki energy around them makes them feel in place of love and support where they feel it’s ok to release whatever has troubled them, allowing them to be able to move forward and become more content .

Horses who have had accidents or scares too which have knocked their confidence, Reiki healing can help them with their recovery, helping to release the feelings they have about the accident or scare and being able to work through it with sensitive handling or riding.

During a Reiki session Reiki energy flows through the practitioner and out through their hands to the horse to wherever it’s needed in the body. The horse very often displays signs of relaxation throughout the body, dosing off and yawning as a release of tension leaves the body. The horse takes what they need and then will possibly move away when they’ve had enough.

Liz has found horses she treats respond well whether it is anxiety, confidence, behaviour issue, back ache, trauma, grief to name a few.              

Distant Healing for horses also available using a photo or mane hair, a email report sent with any information and Communication after session.

Liz’s Qualification – Reiki Master Teacher

If you would like Liz to visit your horse please contact her on 07817746112

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Veterinary permission required before treatment.