Horse communication

Social Media comment… Emily Ann recommends….. Wow this woman is absolutely fantastic!! My friend told me about Liz and I really wasn’t sure about this sort of stuff and thought it can’t hurt I’m gonna give it a go and wow the results from one session is fantastic!!! My boy has had a very, very bad past and lots of things have happened and he’s completely changed so much calmer and thinks now, before he would be rearing or bolting off. Highly recommend!!!!

Annie & Liz sharing a quiet moment, a bit of Reiki healing & communication

Communication with your horse can help immensely to understand how your horse feels and how best to help and what is needed.
Communication can be very enlightening and informative, giving you an insight into how they feel about their life, environment and your relationship with them.

Horse communication can prove very useful if you are having problems or your horse has had a traumatic event recently or in the past. When a horse can communicate to their owner/rider just how they feel for whatever reason there is feeling of release and reassurance that they have been heard and that the information given will be used to have a deeper understanding and put changes in place if needed to for the horse to feel more comfortable and happy in the knowledge they have been listened to.

During and after a Communication session horses feel relaxed and sleepy. Whatever has been released will allow them to let go of any feelings or behaviour which are linked to it and horses feel they can move on with the help of their Owner/rider and suggestions from Liz intuitively suited to each individual which can help the transition.

Releasing tension

A horse who is listened to, where their feelings are taken into account in all area’s of their lives are very happy horses and tend to want to work with their owner/rider easily, ailments or problems are very few. .

Horse communication

During Horse communication sessions when needed Liz uses her Dowsing skills to pinpoint area’s of attention this also extends to checking feeds, saddlery and anything else that comes up during communication are the suitable for your horse.

Horse communication works extremely well with Reiki healing, as Reiki energy helps the horse to feel relaxed and safe to communicate what the problems are, especially if you feel there is something not quite right but you can’t put your finger on it. Reiki works gently to help the horse release what is troubling them, once released the horse will feel less effected and will be able to become more settled in themselves, which consequently allows them to progress and move forward. 

Distant Reiki healing & communication

Another resource Liz also offers is communication and Reiki healing remotely using Distant healing, a piece of mane or tail hair or a photo is used as a connection to communicate with your horse, noting her findings for a report sent by email. Distant healing is just as effective as if Liz were there in person, it can be helpful if you live further than Liz can travel or if there are reasons for not being able to be close to the horse to give in person.

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Liz can travel a 20 mile radius of Rackenford if you would like her to visit your horse for a session.