About Liz Loader

A new Dawn!

2021 was to be a year of change! Having been Reiki attuned to level 2 since 2010 Liz hadn’t had the feeling to take it any further. She was giving  Reiki healing sessions to human & horses with communication successfully although still improving her skills along the way but had no feeling this would happen. In this time period Liz had also been introduced to using new ways of Dowsing when she went on a introduction course with David Lockwood in Cornwall. This also led on to other courses Dowsing and Spiritual related. Liz uses Dowsing everyday as a diagnostic tool when energy space clearing and healing or if she wishes to check on something with the horses or more in depth Spiritual work – clearing spirits and Soul release. It’s been a fascinating time of learning and discovering new skills and using them in her work.

In late 2017 Liz started a 2 year course with Duchy Healers Association, Cornwall learning about being a spiritual healer. She felt she had come full circle and back to her roots with healing! Liz thoroughly enjoyed the course, meeting up regularly, getting to know others on the course well, they had become a cemented group where they felt ‘ in a safe place to develop’ their skills and knowledge.

Due to Covid in 2020 the assessment was postponed till a date the group would be allowed to come together, this eventually happened in August 2021 on the 8th which was The Lions Gate portal, which was all about setting intentions for what is for your highest greatest good and all things you are passionate about! There were two healing groups trained by two different tutors to be assessed,  Everyone passed!

March 2022 Liz is starting tutor training with Duchy Healers. She is really looking forward to this, one of her assessment comments from the Assessors was “You would make a good Tutor” To be honest it’s not a total surprise, Liz feels born to teach and help people and horses, having been a teacher in various capacities for most of her life!

Back to April 2021, a sudden change in Liz’s energy and she felt drawn to become a Reiki Master and Teacher, something  she hadn’t seen herself doing but suddenly she wanted to be able to teach others to become attuned to Reiki healing. Not so surprising it was sudden though really as Liz tends to live in the moment as much as possible, she does see what she feels will be a outcome of something occasionally but can’t always see the route to it of course, but then she realises the connection years later to whatever it was when it has manifested physically. You have got to have some surprises in life! Often she only see’s or has knowledge of what’s coming on that day! Liz’s daughters get amused when Liz starts to drive somewhere for no apparent reason other than trusting what she feels and goes along with it and of course all comes to light on arrival generally!

Becoming a Reiki Master and Teacher meant becoming attuned to level 3 and attaining the teaching level. Well by the end of the month Liz had acquired both. As Liz feel’s the time is right and she is in the right place she will be offering courses in Reiki, Equine Reiki and Spiritual healing as well as Healing and Communication with Horses.

Liz’s spiritual awareness and skills have become so amazing she is constantly amazed at the things she finds herself doing with horses, people and Earth energy healing. The trust she has in the Universe and what is meant to be will be. She is open to and allows space for whatever is to come to her for her higher good or better, as well as setting her intention of what she feels would be her ‘Heaven on Earth’ and putting it out there in energy to the Universe to help manifest it! In her eyes and many other peoples the Universe is unlimited, living in a state of abundance, acknowledging and being thankful for what we have, even being thankful for the little things attracts even more good into our lives.  Whatever we need will be brought to us when we need it and the time is right for it to manifest!

Earlier years

Liz has a farming background living on a stock farm in her young years which changed to dairy farming when she was a teenager  fueling another love, dairy cows! Early mornings and milking cows for various farmers as well as at home became the norm for many years and being totally hopeless after 9pm! On Liz’s mother’s side of the family there have been generations of farmers, including healers on the male line. On Liz’s father’s side there have been generations of Blacksmiths, her Grandad, Thomas Thorne being a very intuitive one, even his local vet asked his opinion sometimes with tricky cases. He always knew how to deal with feet problems with various horses back in his day with no technology to help him like today!

Having been steered away from working with horses by her parents horses remained a passion as a hobby and had been for as long as she could remember. Liz was unaware then that ‘working with horses’ would find her anyway!

When a local course towards becoming a riding instructor was mentioned by friends Liz booked immediately feeling this was meant to be. Liz wasn’t disappointed, her tutor Sue Marshall inspired her immensely, which lead to working at Greenham Equestrian Centre part-time at a later date. Liz was opened to more understanding ways to work with and ride horses that it fueled an already existing passion to attain further qualifications and gain the British Horse Society Assistant Instructor.
Initially Liz freelanced, exercising/schooling horses, teaching Pony club, Riding club and private individuals.
In 1999 Liz opened her own successful riding school, Rackenford Equestrian Centre, at her home, which was known as a centre for quality tuition and value for money, teaching beginners to experienced riders, training students and clients for BHS qualifications up to BHSAI.

Even then Liz would buy horses for the riding school that needed that little bit of help to bring them back to full health or help them in some way to be happy horses and ponies again, she really should have walked away  but they repaid her massively for her kindness.

One example of this was Belle, a 16.2 Clydesdale x mare. As Liz was pregnant at this time, her head girl went  with her to see and try her. Belle was exactly what Liz wanted in size, build and temperment but she was unschooled and had feet like ‘dinner plates’ the hoof was breaking off all of her feet and they were quite long and one had a huge dent in it. Thinking back Liz has realised that Belle knew intuitively what kind of person she was and what home she could offer her because she excelled herself when being ridden despite being ridden on a steep slope, with very long grass, unschooled, unbalanced feet with one or two shoes hanging off! the others had come off! Belle moved extremely well and Liz saw the potential in her but her feet gave Liz concerns! Would they be ok? Belle came on trial for just a week. Liz’s farrier came to see her, prognosis was not ideal! Belle could go lame if the feet were trimmed and shod how they should be, there was no guarantee she would stay sound. Hmm! On giving it some thought Liz took a chance, she felt she would stay sound, so went ahead and got her shod. Belle remained sound, the dent gradually disappeared as the hoof grew and was trimmed & shod as it should be. Throughout the time Belle was at Rackenford, on schooling her for the riding school she was a popular horse who always tried her best.

Liz and Belle

Liz remembers a very special moment she had with Belle not long after she arrived at Liz’s yard when another animal communicator and healer was present, the late Julie Dicker communicated to Liz that Belle didn’t ever wish to be sold and wanted to remain at Rackenford. As Julie spoke Belle walked forward from the back of her 17 foot deep stable to the front where Liz was stood and put her head against Liz’s chest, it was an emotional moment for all present. 

Belle found the most lovely home with one of Liz’s client’s who loved her to bits, when the school closed. She remained there for the rest of her days.  

After eight years Liz was being drawn to more natural therapies including Reiki and she made a difficult decision to follow her heart and close the riding school to concentrate on developing a natural gift of healing.
As Liz moved into using more natural methods as well as traditional ones as an Instructor with horses who came to Rackenford for schooling, she met a Reiki Master who helped her develop her natural ability of healing. Memories from Liz’s childhood resurfaced, how she knew things about some situations, how they would turn out, what people were about to say sometimes, she didn’t question it because she thought everyone knew this but as she developed she realised not everyone did!
Liz’s natural skills developed very quickly, including being able to communicate with horses and although she would have liked to have become Reiki attuned in 2007, looking back, it wasn’t meant to be. So for the next three years Liz developed her own healing ability and then became Reiki attuned in 2010 to level 2.

Liz & Wink, Smynacott, Puddington
When you are working out what the horse is doing!

Liz has had some amazing healing sessions and communication with horses and humans alike before and after becoming Reiki attuned and is continually amazed with it’s healing energy and what it can do. As Liz has changed so has her business name to reflect the work she offers.

Over the years Liz has gained a lot of experience working with horses who have problems. Wanting to understand them in an holistic way so that healing could take place on the level it is needed and not just a physical one as can happen in some training yards. Although this has an effect, it doesn’t necessarily heal the horse of the problem or problems they are showing because the connection with the problem is on another level, mental, emotional or spiritual.
Using Reiki healing, an holistic therapy, animal communication, natural intuition and empathy alongside her knowledge as an Instructor and lifetime as a  horse owner Liz can understand the horse from a deeper level and work with them accordingly to help them overcome their issue’s and problems.
Liz has found working with horses in this way enables them to release the connection with their problem at the root cause which helps eliminate the problem and the horse is able to move forward enjoying whatever life the horse has whether a companion, hack or serious competition horse.
Liz uses an intuitive approach to help the horse adjust using what works for the individual. The horse then responds well to remedial work to move forward with their training as a much happier willing horse.

Liz works intuitively, with empathy and integrity, being naturally clairsentient helps to understand the feelings of the horse or horse and rider.

Liz’s emphasis is for the horse to be listened to and understood, to work with the horse through that understanding so they are willing to work with you harmoniously. To have your horse wanting to work with you or be your companion is an amazing feeling when you know they have made that choice for themselves and not through coercion!

Liz can offer guidance to help you personally or your horse or as a partnership, with confidence issue’s, behaviour problems, through either Tuition, Problem solving Livery, Reiki healing or communication.

To contact Liz Tel. 07817 746 112 or Email  liz.loader@btinternet.com