Liz’s first experience of a Reiki treatment

Reiki Healing,

Liz’s first experience of Reiki Healing, October 2006

Having not had anything like Reiki before I didn’t know what to expect and I was slightly apprehensive but knew something about Reiki resonated with me!
It was the most relaxing feeling ever at the time for me, (apart from the fact I was lying on a couch fully clothed in the middle of the day which was bliss!)
There was a warm feeling of the energy moving in my body. The heat from the practitioner’s hands felt very hot as she moved to each of the seven main chakras, working from the top of my head at the crown then to the brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra, then finishing at my feet.

Chakra’s are energy centre’s in our bodies, when the energy is free flowing we remain healthy and happy, if chakra’s become blocked and energy ceases to flow, over a period of time we then become unbalanced and then possibly can lead to illness. Each chakra also relates to organs in the body and areas of our lives such as spiritual centre, intuitive centre, communication, love, power, creativity, relationships, security, survival or soul purpose plus others. 

For me I saw the colours of each chakra the practitioner was working on in my mind’s eye, each chakra has a corresponding colour, it was a very beautiful experience with lovely soft music in the background.

As all things we are drawn to, it was the therapy I needed to release the grief I had been holding onto for nearly twenty years. Grief I thought I had dealt with was sitting in my energy blocking the flow which had manifested into my body feeling restricted and heavy. I had difficulty sitting straight on a horse when I was training to become a instructor which was frustrating even though it was minute and sometimes getting emotional for no reason.

I got emotional during the treatment when I realised the connection, it didn’t last long, my therapist was very supportive and the continuing flow of Reiki energy helped to calm my emotions. I managed to talk about my grief which brought a inner peace as the session came to a close. The day after I felt a tonne of weight had been shifted off of me, I felt so much lighter. After my Reiki treatment I felt happier in myself and also a closeness to the relative I had lost, which was very uplifting.

This Reiki healing session was also the catalyst of realising my own healing abilities. From a few days after I started to be much more aware of how the horses in my yard (my own and livery horses) were feeling on a deeper level. I was amazed how quickly my awareness changed.
I was guided by the therapist who I had the Reiki healing session with, as my skills developed quickly she offered advice and techniques for me to use which meant with practice I used them correctly.

My own healing abilities manifested, developed and became strong very quickly, which I then used successfully for three years until I became Reiki attuned in 2010.

As a practitioner I would say that my first Reiki Healing session was very much an individual experience and not what happens to everyone who has a session. There were signs since I was a child I just hadn’t realised!